How to quit smoking naturally

5 steps to quit smoking naturally

Five Steps to Quit Smoking Naturally

All who want to quit smoking pass 5 steps. But how overcome physical abstinence without having to suffer from unpleasant withdrawal symptoms? How to quit smoking naturally and unveil the hidden problems preventing a person from quitting?
          The Smart Breathe™ breathing device is a new approach to solving the problem of how to quit smoking naturally - a drug free solution. The breathing training with this device is based on yogic breathing techniques which have been used for centuries to restore health and increase mental capacities.

Quit smoking natturally. Step 1. Get motivated

How To Get motivated to stop smoking
Procrastination or misunderstanding?

How get motivated

About 16 000 people die from smoking every day.

Motivation is a powerful engine of human behaviours. So how do we get motivated to quit smoking? Even a child knows that smoking shortens life, and a drop of nicotine can kill a horse. The fact is that our brain works in such a way that information capable of inflicting some kind of damage on our Self (ego) is either denied or quickly forgotten, or there is a convenient explanation for this information. In other words, the brain does not want psycho-traumatic information to be fully realized.

Sad statistics

To overcome this, a person should make a list of the most common consequences of smoking. It is not difficult to find this information on the Internet. It is important to understand that the consequences affect you personally, and when the disease sets in, it is very difficult to stop it. The problem is oncology. And if a smoker has not got lung cancer as a result of his habit, it's only because he died from another disease before the lung cancer developed.

When you inform yourself about the dangers, you quickly become aware about the consequences of smoking. At this step, the main thing is to maintain a high level of motivation. You need to make the decision to quit by yourself, decide a date when you will quit and prepare an action plan.

Unfortunately, there are people (especially with addictions) with suppressed motivational systems. And the short lasting pleasure, received from smoking a cigarette, makes a person not wanting to change anything. However, it has been documented, that if such a person begins to do breathing exercises, even against his will, his motivational system will gradually recover. After all, the production of dopamine (the happiness hormone), which increases when breathing with Smart Breathe™, can restore the biological pleasure centres and, as a result, the motivation.

The best way to quit smoking is wanting to protect your health and your brain in particular. When the intellect becomes more important than a cigarette, this is enough motivation to abandon smoking painlessly. When an important sacrifice has to be made for the sake of a cigarette, it makes it easier to stop smoking.

Quit smoking natturally. Step 2. Physical abstinence

How To overcome physical abstinence when you quit smoking
Endorphins and Energy will help you to overcome physical abstinence.

The nicotine dependence

At the refusal stage of smoking, physical dependence is manifested as abstinence, which is unpleasant for most and can last from several days to several months. With the withdrawal of nicotine, a number of physiological symptoms can arise, such as: anxiety, irritability, tension, insomnia, depression, concentration difficulties, dizziness, headache, convulsions, hand tremors, increased appetite, nausea, weakness, constipation, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, bradycardia, shortness of breath, sensation of having too little air in the lungs, sweating, allergic reactions, severe cough, mouth ulcers etc.

During abstinence, the Smart Breathe™ breathing device is particularly helpful and will aid you to overcome the nicotine dependence painlessly and without drugs. You can quit smoking naturally with Smart Breathe™ exercises. The body is not so affected by the lack of nicotine as it is affected by the change in its pleasure center.


Nicotine activates the dopamine system of the brain, which is responsible for obtaining pleasure. Researchers at Yale University have found that when ingested, nicotine stimulates the activity of the DNA-binding protein CREB contained in one of the brain zones responsible for the formation of rewarding reactions. CREB alters the metabolism that synthesizes dopamine, which leads to the need of nicotine. Dopamine is produced in neurons in the brain, and it is the hypothalamus which regulates this process. By doing breathing exercises with Smart Breathe™, the person stimulates the hypothalamus through the respiratory centres. As a result, the dopamine production occurs without the participation of nicotine. This can be compared with the pleasurable wellbeing you feel after a workout in the gym.


Thanks to breathing exercises, a person improves the cells’ absorption of oxygen, which results in a powerful energy boost for the body. Any backlashes in form of withdrawal symptoms from this sudden increase of energy are smoothed out and no unpleasant sensations are experienced. Cleansing the lungs: When doing breathing exercises, we perform an active lung massage and the cleansing of the lungs speeds up noticeably. A rapid withdrawal from poisons and toxins leads to a faster adaptation of the body to a life without tobacco.

Quit smoking natturally. Step 3. Psychological dependence

Benefits of meditation and breathing exercises
Benefits of breathing exercises.

Smoking does not solve psychological problems

If you want to quit smoking naturally you must solve psychological problems. Psychological dependence is also associated with dopamine and pleasure, but it is triggered in connection with the psychological problems of the individual. Stress, problems in the family or at work create an internal tension, from which one wants to distance himself. Cigarettes can remove this internal tension for a while, but the problem itself remains. The person does not solve the problem but creates the illusion that he can cope with it by smoking a cigarette.

By using breathing exercises you energize and empower yourself so that you are able to stop avoiding the problem and instead deal with it constructively.

Breathing exercises create clarity of mind, which was discovered by yogis many thousand of years ago. During breathing exercises, and also meditation, a person distances himself from the problem and is able to look at it from the outside, which always leads to a rational and peaceful solution.

During breathing exercises a person activates the hidden potential of his brain which leads either to a flash of inspiration or to a deep understanding and acceptance of the situation. It's known that during breathing exercises and meditation, different parts of the brain become activated. Here you will find several studies on this topic.

Quit smoking natturally. Step 4. Cleanse the lungs

Lung cleansing with breathing exercises
Breathing exercises are the best training for your lung.

Breath training

Breath training also exercises your lungs, which cleanses them from the harmful effects from smoking. The faster we clean the lungs and blood from toxins and nicotine, the faster the abstinence passes. The risks of cancer and other chronic diseases of a smoker decrease. Breath training can help you to quit smoking naturally and will training your lungs also.

Quit smoking natturally. Step 5. Create a new habit

Create new habits for a healthy life

Dangerous stereotype

Before getting rid of something, it is valuable to decide with what you want to replace the vacant place with.

Smoking is a stereotyped habit with devastating consequences for human health and life. Everyone knows this! But why then, do millions of people continue to smoke? Smoking as a habit can have subconscious roots. Let us consider two views on the problem from a psychoanalytic point of view.

Oral fixation

The first one is an oral fixation. Psychoanalysis refers to infancy. Maybe your mother stopped nursing you too early, so you missed your mother's milk, you were injured, and a fixation on the oral component of child sexuality occurred. Here is a neurosis; smoking is its sublimation, substitution of a breast with a cigar. A cigarette is needed to stimulate the oral zone. The person feels a sense of peace and comfort under the influence of the sucking reflex. And just as the baby calms down at the mother's breast, the adult calms down when taking a cigarette in his mouth.

Self-destructive behaviour

The other view upon the smoking problem is the analysis of a person`s guilt feeling. At the subconscious level, the smoker’s instinct of self-preservation appeared to have been violated. After all, breathing is life and if a person breaks his breath, he cuts his life. We believe that smokers have a self-destructive program. In psychology, this is called destructive behaviour, according to Freud it is a death instinct.

Why the self-destructive program was created in the first place is difficult to know. A person feels guilty for something and smoking is a way of self-punishment. But there is nothing that exists that is worth punishing yourself for in such a destructive way, smoking kills your health and shortens your life with at least 20 years. Everyone has problems from childhood or difficulty accepting themselves, it is not a reason to start smoking.

The mechanisms of self-regulation

In order to switch off the self-destructive program, we have to use the deep mechanisms of the brain. It is difficult to turn off the negative programming without offering anything in return.

We suggest that you replace one habit with another - replace self-destruction with creation! Such a change is more preferable to the brain.

With the help of conscious breathing and our respiratory centres, we activate the mechanisms of self-regulation and can switch the negative program into a creative, healing and harmonious mode. Conscious breathing also offers a new experience of self-awareness. Switching a person from destruction to creation occurs without having to attain Nirvana - a person just learns to understand himself and his body on a fundamentally new level.

There is an opinion that if a person with a self-destructive program has quit smoking, it can cause him harm of another kind (injuries, accidents, etc.) - that is why it is so important to switch the program into a harmonious one. In psychotherapy, this procedure is called substitution therapy. Smoking is replaced with breathing exercises, a healthy habit, which results in a more joyous and fullfilled life.


As a result, the change of the self-destructive program will positively affect all areas of the person’s life, and most importantly, the person will be able to consciously manage his health and life. And of course to quit smoking naturally.

When a person has realized that his life and health is of critical importance, he will definitely reach the conclusion that it is time to quit smoking. Then Smart Breathe™, enabling the use of century-old breath practices, and the Health Centre, Manniskans Resurser AB, are ready to lend you a helping hand. The Smart Breathe™ device can change your life for the better and, perhaps, be one of the most valuable purchases you have ever made.