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breathing and training hormones
How Breathing Exercises Work

The breathing exercises of yogis are based on correct breath regulation. When you regulate inhalation and exhalation, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations are corrected, which leads to a better oxygen absorption in the cells - all which creates an energy boost for the body. With the help of Smart Breathe™, you will teach your body to breathe in a proper manner. Additionally, these breathing exercises will eliminate or reduce abstinence greatly as more endorphins, the happiness hormones, are formed.

With the Smart Breathe™ breathing device, quitting smoking is easy and enjoyable thanks to:

Carbon dioxide the breathe of life
  1. A greater ability to hold more CO2 and assimilate oxygen, which increase the amount of energy in the body. Read more about Bohr effect.
  2. The production of endorphins and dopamine support positive emotions. Read more about endorphin production.
  3. Strengthening of the mental ability makes it easier to resist the destructive habit of smoking. The effect of breathing exercises and meditation on the brain has been proven by many studies.

The role of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Breathing with SmartBreathe energizes the cells in all organs, and most importantly the brain, thanks to the improved uptake of oxygen. The level of oxygen absorption directly depends on the concentration of CO2 in the blood. If you are stressed, a popular recommendation is to breathe deeper to absorb more oxygen. However, in order to improve the oxygen uptake, it is not only important to breathe deeply but also to exhale longer. In a long exhalation, CO2 is withheld and oxygen is better absorbed.

Carbon dioxide is the foundation of life

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and its compounds play a very important role in the body’s biological processes. Carbon dioxide participates in the distribution of sodium ions in tissues, thereby regulating the excitability of nerve cells, affects the permeability of cell membranes, the activity of many enzymes, the intensity of hormone production and the degree of their physiological efficiency and the binding process of calcium and iron ions.

Why does carbon dioxide play such an important role in the physiology of the body?

The answer is evolution. The presence of carbon dioxide is an absolute necessary basis for human existence; it developed historically when life on earth arose. According to modern opinion, this happened several billion years ago. In the beginning, the atmosphere of our planet was saturated with carbon dioxide (over 90%) and it became the natural building material for living cells. (The plant biosynthesis - the absorption of carbon dioxide, the utilization of carbon and release of oxygen into the atmosphere - is well known by everyone). Gradually the composition of the air changed, but the internal working conditions of cells were still determined by the high content of carbon dioxide. The first animals that appeared on earth and were herbivores still lived in an atmosphere with a high content of carbon dioxide. Therefore, their cells, and later on the cells of modern animals and humans, functioned in line with this ancient genetic memory, needing an internal carbonic average level of 6-8% carbon dioxide and 1-2% oxygen, and in the blood 7-7.5% carbon dioxide.

From where do we get carbon dioxide?

The plants give us almost all the carbon dioxide found in the air, mostly from carbon compounds in plants which died, withered and turned into minerals (coal, oil, peat). At present, there is about 0.03% carbon dioxide and about 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. But for a healthy normal life, a human needs 7-7, 5% carbon dioxide in the blood and 6, 5% in the alveolar air in the lungs. But these levels cannot be obtained from the outside since there is almost no carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Animals and humans obtain carbon dioxide from metabolic processes of food as proteins, fats and carbohydrates are carbon based. When these substances are metabolized with the help of oxygen in tissues, the priceless carbon dioxide - the basis - of life is formed.

The art of breathing

The art of breathing is about not exhaling carbon dioxide, or as little as possible. This is what yogic breathing methods focus on. The breath of ordinary people however, consists of chronic hyperventilation with excessive loss of carbon dioxide from the body causing over 150 severe diseases, often so called diseases of civilization such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, bronchial asthma and others. The effect of hypoxic training can be compared to morning exercises. We can train the respiratory system and optimize the work of all internal organs and systems just in the same way as we train muscles or increase immunity by showering with cold water.

Endorphin production (happiness hormones )

Athletes are well aware of the positive emotional rush after training or working out. This effect of light euphoria is the result from having activated all bodily systems. The effect of euphoria can also be achieved with the help of respiratory training by using SmartBreathe.


When breathing with SmartBreathe, the endocrine system is activated and releases the happiness hormone endorphin. In the hypothalamus, the intermediate part of the brain, which is associated with the formation of emotions, are structures that regulate functions of all levels of the autonomic nervous system, both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The autonomic nervous system regulates the functions of all internal organs and systems. When breathing with SmartBreathe, the vegetative nervous system is stimulated, pumping up the body with energy. And when maintaining the proper intensity of breathing, the production of natural opiates, the happiness hormones, endorphins, begins. With endorphins increasingly growing in quantity, the state of euphoria is independently evoked and maintained.

Additional energy

Endorphins activate the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, the bronchial tubes expand and metabolic processes are intensified. Blood coagulation ability and the amount of red blood cells increase and, most importantly, the adrenal gland secretion of special hormones, corticosteroids increases. These hormones have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, suppressing inflammatory processes in many diseases. Moreover, the production of other hormones increases: dopamine, the hormone of the anterior lobe of the pituitary - ACTH, thyroid, sex hormones and some others. This hormone miracle is an internal pharmacy for healing and has been used by yogis for several thousand years.

Healing mountain air

The beneficial effect of mountain air is well known. When arriving in a mountain resort, travellers notice that their mood is improving, the blood seems to flow easier. The secret is simple: the mountain air has less oxygen. The body works in the "fight for oxygen" regime in order to ensure full oxygen delivery to the tissues and needs to mobilize internal resources. As a result, vital forces are activated and you feel more energetic and healthier. The effect of mountain air with less oxygen allows for people to live very long, up to and over 100 years of age.


During the breathing exercises, enlightenment of the mind occurs. Not for nothing did yogis use breathing exercises during their meditations. We do not guarantee that you will attain Nirvana after a few training sessions with SmartBreathe, but you will come to realize many problems that are hidden deep within your subconscious mind. The effect of meditation on the brain has been proven by many studies.