Ways to quit smoking

Ways to quit smoking

People are social beings

How To find right way to stop smoking

We live in a society surrounded by others and their thoughts. And thoughts affect us. If you have decided to quit smoking, it is important to limit your contact with smokers. According to research by American scientists, there is a tendency that having one smoker in the office will lead to a chain reaction. And the less people smoking, the fewer the smokers will be. Therefore, finding a job with few or no smokers, will increase your chance to quit smoke.

Nicotine replacement

Nicotine replacement therapy is suitable for those who are determined to quit smoking. Doctors do not, however, recommend such treatment in case of pregnancy or heart disease. The chances of quitting smoking for people using nicotine replacement products is doubled. Effective nicotine replacement products include chewing gums, lozenges, patches and inhalers.


For those who are attracted to an active lifestyle, it works well to replace smoking with some sport or fitness training. Moderate and regular exercise creates a feeling of pleasure biochemically and makes it much easier and more enjoyable to brake a bad habit. And it also improves your looks!

A magic book

Many former smokers say that they were helped by a book by Alan Carr "Easy Way to quit smoking" The phenomenon of the book is difficult to understand if you have not read it. The wording on how to simply give up cigarettes quickly penetrate the brain and provoke action. However, the book does not help everyone: some people will reject it alltogether and others will see it as a kind of panacea. It is often possible to hear such statements: "I am using the Carr method for the third time." The book inspires people for some time, but after a year and a half, the treatment method has to be repeated.

Special stop smoking modalities

We can replace nicotine with other things, like special patches or chewing gums. These will help you quit your tobacco addiction. Nicotine patches deliver nicotine into the human body through the skin throughout the day. The treatment is lowering the dose of nicotine by time. The most effective places to put the patches on are the wrists, shoulders or the hip. It is forbidden to use more than three patches at a time. Side effects can be itching, burning and tingling in the skin where the patch has been placed. There could also be headaches and indigestion.

Special chewing gums - are one of the best known ways to get rid of the bad habit of smoking. Such gums are suitable for those who have a physical dependence on nicotine as they provide the smoker with nicotine without the tar and other harmful substances. Gums - are one of the most affordable nicotine replacement therapies, and they are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Also, you can replace the bad habit of smoking with another habit. Many chew gum instead of doing other things. And it is very helpful for avoiding tobacco addiction.

Traditional methods on how to quit smoking naturally

In order to quickly get rid of nicotine cravings, you can use the following simple method at home. How to quit smoking naturally? Before smoking, soak the cigarett in something wet, like yoghurt or sour milk. Smoking will be unpleasant and the habit will disappear quickly.

Overall, all these methods can help you quit smoking. Of course, it depends on you too, because you need to be very motivated and understand that stop smoking is not a quick process. And you will experience irritation because you are fighting with yourself.

Traditional methods help to avoid craving attacks. There are numerous, diverse, methods to quit smoking, and in most cases you should consult a physician who can advise you on the most appropriate stop-smoking method for you. People often neglect to consult a physicain and self medicate and will thus not achieve the desired result.

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