Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking

Here are some helpful tips to quit smoking:

tips to sop smoking easier

Most people know that smoking is bad for their health and that it causes lung cancer and heart attacks. What they may not know is that smoking causes many other diseases and illnesses. Have you already began to think about quitting?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to understand why you need to quit. It's not as difficult as you think. As soon as you start being honest with yourself and become aware of the dangers with smoking and put these in relation to the pleasure of smoking, the addiction will disappear.
  2. Analyze your smoking habits, examine them thoroughly. Ask yourself what they do for you. Begin by looking at your hair ends and go all the way to the tips of the nails. It is a medical fact that smoking affects every organ of the human body, damaging them.
  3. Look at giving up smoking as a gift to yourself - a very valuable gift. You give yourself a better quality of life and, very possibly, a longer life. You give yourself a healthier body. And you give yourself higher self-esteem. Consider all this facts as a gift, because it really is, and then go for it!
  4. Set a date. Make a commitment. Do it again. Remember, it's okay if you don’t achieve success the first time. Just keep trying. That’s the only way you can set yourself free - keep trying.
  5. Do not treat this as if you have something to loose. It may then seem like a huge loss. Instead, what you are doing is throwing out that which is harming you and you no longer need. You are throwing away garbage. Do not allow yourself to become a trash can for nicotine and tar.
  6. Keep a positive attitude. In the end, this is one of the most positive things you have ever done for yourself.
  7. Stop smoking for your own good. Even if your family and loved ones will enjoy enormous benefits from your quitting, you are the one that will recieve the richest awards. Don’t do as anyone else whish, it must be your own choice, otherwise your efforts will die out quickly. Side effects you might experience when quitting are mood plunges and wanting to nibble. Act quickly instead and quit smoking by using nicotine replacement therapy drugs, such as Tabeks.

    These drugs contain cytisine - an effective natural remedy for quitting smoking. In principle, it is possible to replace the gum, the cigarettes or nicotine patch. It’s not very effective, but chewing a gum or licking on a lollipop is better than doing nothing. Downsides: can be expensive, not always available in stores. Use your spare time doing sports, having sex, or start a collection of something. Ask your friends to punch you in the side when you try to smoke. Side effects: bruises, possibly broken relationships.

  8. A helpful tip to help you quit smoking is to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes per day and prolong the intervals between cigarettes. You can also chew on a raw vegetables. Ask your parents, friends, girl- or boyfriend to support you. Gradually move on to the weaker varieties of cigarettes. Do not succumb to smoking if provoked. Side effects: perhaps your gang will se you as a complete jerk, busting all the fun. Try not to get drunk, as you will loose your self-control and will want to smoke more. The best tip ever: never begin smoking! Create a healthy lifestyle for yourself instead.

Home remedies for quitting smoking

  • Drink orange juice and beverages containing a lot of Vitamin C, as nicotine and vitamin C are antagonists. When a person smokes, the body loses vitamin C, and when he stops smoking it is necessary to clean the cells quickly of nicotine. When this is done, the addiction has been conquered. So vitamin C can indeed be of help. So, if you have healthy intestines, drink 5-6 glasses of orange juice or other citrus juice.
  • Drink more water. This allows you to quickly remove toxins, stimulate the kidneys, avoid concentration of nicotine in the urine with its negative impact on the bladder.
  • Drink green tea. It contains substances that can cleanse the bronchi from nicotine.
  • Passive inhalation (through the nose), and exhale actively and with little effort. Start slowly, gradually increase the speed. Imagine a locomotive, which is moving slowly, gaining speed. Repeat the cycle of 30 breaths, then rest a minute. You can perform up to five breath cycles in the morning and five at night.
  • Put a cigarette in milk, then leave it to dry it. When dry, try to smoke it. It will be very difficult and unpleasant.

How to stop smoking without drugs.

How to quit smoking easy and naturally? Physician’s recommendations on how to quit smoking are the most cost-effective means, although only a small percentage of smokers follow their advice. A clear explanation of the effects of smoking and encouragement, motivation and support are all factors that increase the likelihood of quitting. There are also a variety of courses and programs which aim to primarily overcome the psychological dependency on smoking. A similar method of overcoming dependency on smoking is to see a psychologist or a specialist on chemical dependency.