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Years of Experience

The secrets of yoga is now available to the many. Imagine having 1000 years of breathing experience at your hand with one single breathing device.
Medical research

A medical tool

Smart Breathe™ is constructed in line with the physiology of breathing. On this website, you will find international studies about Smart Breathe™.
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Health Benefits

Everyone can achieve improved strength with this device. Already, millions of people have regained their health with the help of respiratory training.

Quit Smoking with Breathing Exercises

Quit Smoking Easy with Smart Breathe™

What is Smart Breathe™? It is a multifunctional breathing device. The breathing device Smart Breathe™ uses a breathing technique which affects the physiology and the hormonal status of a person. This breathing technique produces a powerful energy boost and balances your emotions. When you breathe with Smart Breathe™, the pshyche and the body become harmonized, which kick-starts deep seated self-regulatory mechanisms.

Effects from using Smart Breathe

You will notice the following effects after 10-15 minutes of breathing:

More Oxygen in the Blood

An increased amount of oxygen in the blood gives the cells an energy boost and makes you will feel happier.

Increased Endorphin Production

An increased endorphin production will stabilize your emotions and put you in a good mood.

Cleansing of the Lungs

When breathing with Smart Breathe™, the alveoli in the lungs will expand which results in a rapid cleansing of toxins in the lungs.
how smart breathe help you to quit smoking

Brain Activation

Your brain will be activated, which leads to improved concentration and improved memory.

Intensive Fat Burning

You will burn body fat easier as a high concentration of oxygen in the cells facilitates fat burning.

Overcoming of Abstinence

You will get over abstinence easy and be able to resist nicotine easier and also have a diminished appetite.

How to quit smoking with Smart Breathe™

It's very easy indeed! When you feel like smoking, replace the cigarette with SmartBreathe™ and breathe for 10-15 minutes. The desire to smoke will disappear bit by bit. Withdrawal symptoms will reduce.
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The Five Steps to Quit

The breathing technique and Smart Breathe™ have been developed by the Swedish company Manniskans Resurser AB (Human Resources Inc.). In 2013, Smart Breathe™ recieved a European certificate for medical safety. The device has been successfully scientifically studied in a hospital in Dehli, India, and is widely used in many medical centres in Europe and Asia. Smart Breathe™ is a vital tool in ”5 Steps to Quit Smoking”.
Smart Breathe™ greatly alleviates abstinence problems and purifies the lungs.
  • STEP 1. Get motivated
  • STEP 2. Overcome physical abstinence
  • STEP 3. Overcome psychological dependence
  • STEP 4. Cleanse the lungs
  • STEP 5. Create a new habit

Our Customers Love us

  • Thank you very much. Excellent method. My first attempt to quit smoking was unsuccessful. The second attempt was with your simulator and, as a result, I quit smoking, with the nice bonus of loosing 7 kg of weight. I am very satisfied with the technique and the simulator. It is very important to do the exercises regularly. I feel great!
    Irina Pimenova
    Manager, Smoked for 6 years
  • In a few days I mastered the fantastic technique of breathing correctly. Without instructors and long-term practitioners. My mind is clearer. I do not understand how I could smoke before. A unique simulator! Breathing has an extremely powerful effect! My blood pressure was normalized ,my memory improved, sleep got better. After each training, I felt a surge of strength and nice alertness. Thank you!
    Alex Melnik,
    Actor, Smoked for 12 years
  • I wasn’t be able to go up to the second floor without a dyspnea. I have smoked for 25 years. I thought I could never quit smoking. In one month, using the breathing device, I cleaned my lungs and got rid of a cough. I felt like 10 years younger. Now I play football with my son. I keep in my mind at least three reasons to keep doing the breathing exercises: 1. Quit smoking easy! 2. Anti-stress. 3. Clean the lungs.
    Kim Aleksey,
    Manager, Smoked for 25 years